About Us

We can support you to healthy lifestyle changes through activity, nutrition and health education.  Making the best of your own health improves your quality of life and for the the people close to you.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Dao-In.

Tai Chi is a Chinese defensive martial art which we use to improve movement, balance and strength.  Dao-In improves flexibility.  Qi Gong is a breathing and energising exercise.  All work together to improve correct functional movement for body and mind.

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Beginners Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an ancient lifestyle to improve personal health and well-being. We practice Hatha yoga at beginners level; energy work, postures, correct breathing and mind focus.

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Fun Fitness for adults

Fun Fitness for adults is based on evidence based Postural Stability exercise.  Suitable if have been away from activity for sometime due to illness or injury or if you just want to have a laugh with like minded people.  We can offer 1-2-1 Postural Stability for people at home wishing to prevent falls or recovering.

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Meditation & Pranayama

Quietening of the mind in the modern times Meditation is a ancient form of mindfulness. Pranayma is yogic breathing exercises which have many health benefits and prepare the body to achieve stillness of the mind.

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Running and Walking Coaching

We all walk, some run but do you know how to move with good posture and prevent injury?  Running and walking coaching to improve technique will improve speed whilst reducing joint pain and risk of strain/sprain.

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Stress And Weight Management

Stress is a big contributor to poor physical and mental health.  It will also make it difficult to manage your weight.  Learn how to control stress and succesfully eat yourself healthy.

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We understand

We understand how difficult it is to experience something new; it was the same for us when we started

  • All of our groups are friendly, social and non-competitive
  • We welcome all ages and abilities
  • We will be patient, tolerant and accepting
  • We do not test or certificate qualifications
  • You are under no pressure to learn quickly
  • We have no religious affiliation

You are in control; you know you best. All participation is voluntary by invitation, should you not want to do something or you are unsure simply don't do it or ask for advice. Movements and postures can be modified or alternative suggested.


What's Going On

Tai Chi for Health (Essex) is a constituted not-for-profit community organisation

We provide low or no cost activities and health education in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk