Accessible games and sports

Fun or competitive activity for people with physical or learning disabilities.

We can provide a range of games or sporting activities accessible to people with physical or learning disabilities.  They can be just for fun or with a competitive edge.  

For example Soft Archery.  Full beginners bow kit with 20lb draw weight accurate up to 10-metres.  Just for fun or competitive group shoot using same rules as archery so those who are interested can go on to Archery clubs with confidence.  This has was successfully with physical or learning disability and visual impairment.

We have also provided fun activity groups for adapted; basketball, football, rugby, dry swimming, boxing, cricket, rounders and other minor team games.  

This is a bespoke service for organisations, club and support groups or 1-2-1.

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Tai Chi for Health (Essex) is a constituted not-for-profit community organisation

We provide low or no cost activities and health education in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk