Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Dao-In

Tai Chi exercise is a combination of Qi Gong, Dao-In and Tai Chi to improve or maintain functional mobility and relax

Dao-in and Qi Gong are copy exercises learnt by regular repetition.  The emphasis is timing movement with breath.

Tai Chi follows traditional teaching methods and is best learnt slowly by repetition. While it is a Chinese defensive martial application Trevor instructs more towards Traditional Chinese Medicine application for the metal and physical benefits that it brings.

Each session is 1-hour in duration and follows a set format; Registration. Static Qi Gong and breathing exercises to relax.  Dao-In and dynamic Qi Gong to prepare for Tai Chi. Adapted Tai Chi or form practice. After a short break and health discussion there will be more detailed study of specific Tai Chi movements progressing at an appropriate pace.

All group are diverse, made up with different levels of knowledge.  Some have been coming for a few weeks others a few years.

Some members may elect to remain seated.

Everybody is equal, the group is in non-competitive and non-contact.

Chi ball and weapons sequences may be included for interest and health benefit where practicable. 

We offer no qualification or certification.

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Tai Chi for Health (Essex) is a constituted not-for-profit community organisation

We provide low or no cost activities and health education in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk