Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Hatha Yoga is a healthy lifestyle system of which there are 8-limbs.

Beginners Hatha Yoga session will consist of Dharana (Mindfulness relaxation). Pawanmuktasana (Joint mobility).  Asana (Postures to improve; strength, power, function, balance, mobility and flexibility).  Vinyassa (Sequence of postures).  Dhyana ( Meditation) and Pranayama (Breathing).

Each posture will be at beginners level progressing appropriate for the group. Each week the session target different areas of your body to allow personal exploration of Asana.

The session concludes with relaxation and when appropriate some of the easy Kryias (Cleansing) exercises for mind and smaller muscle groups.

Please bring a Yoga mat if you have one; if you do not I have some shared mats for first couple of times until you are sure if you like it.

The instruction is traditional and there are no hands on corrections to make you feel awkward.  All corrections are verbal and to the whole group.

Apart from standing you are encouraged to work with your eyes closed.

Everybody is equal and Yoga in non-competitive.

We offer no qualification or certification.

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Tai Chi for Health (Essex) is a constituted not-for-profit community organisation

We provide low or no cost activities and health education in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk